Washington, DC Weather Forecast: Snow until Saturday night Sunday

Today’s daily digit

Slightly subjective assessment of the weather of the day, 0 to 10.

7/10: Not as good as Friday. Very good for the month of February.

Express forecast

  • Today: Increasing clouds. Maximum: about 50.
  • Tonight: The rain turns to snow. Decrease: 30-34.
  • Tomorrow: Snow ending in the afternoon. Destroys. Maximum: 40s to mid 40s.

Forecast in detail

Although you may have been disappointed by the weather on Friday, we are still in the heart of the blizzard season. As the snowfall disappears between Sunday and Tuesday, the next round is on its way. Today the rising clouds are the first sign. Then, it will rain tonight.

Today (Saturday): Someone who yearns for spring at this point, a winner today, at least during the day. If you are looking for sunlight, you should leave as soon as possible. The clouds will increase as the day wears on. High temperatures range from the mid-40s to near the 50s. Winds will be 10 mph from the southwest. Confidence: Medium High

Tonight: The clouds continue to thicken this evening. Rain or a rain-snow mixture probably moves into the area from 1 to 4 p.m. As soon as it starts to rain it takes off quickly and turns into wet snow. At dawn, the snow sometimes becomes heavy. Although temperatures could drop to only 32 or 33 degrees, some accumulation is still expected, especially in grassy areas. During a severe eruption, some sluggish snow may form on the roads. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): The snow, sometimes moderate, can be heavy. Large, damp scales can reduce visibility and travel smoothly. When rainfall begins to subside in the afternoon, it may turn into light rain or drizzle before it ends. The rain will come out in 2 hours or so long before the Super Bowl. The afternoon will be from the 30s north and west from the 30s to the low 40s around the city. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: The sky is clear and the cold wind is blowing behind the storm. Add in some new ice, and we’re going for teens and under-20s. It is also breezy with winds blowing from the northwest. Confidence: Medium High

A look ahead

Even in active form, there are some good days. This is one of them, most of them. Monday It is on the cold side, but there is plenty of sunlight. The maximum will be 30 to 40. Confidence: Medium

The next weather event is rolling Tuesday. Now it looks weak. There may be some winter mix early on, with all the rain going up to a maximum in the 40s. Confidence: Medium

Possible index of snow

A daily assessment of the possibility of at least one inch of snow over the next week at 0-10.

7/10 (): When it wants ice, it needs ice. We got something messy by Saturday night to Sunday, but it could be up to several inches.

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