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“Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova, and his former right-hand man Giuliano Castellino have been sentenced to over 8 years in prison for the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL in Rome, which took place during a demonstration against the green pass on October 9th, two years ago. Luigi Aronica, a former member of the neo-fascist terrorist organization Nar, has also been sentenced to a similar penalty.

During the reading of the verdict, screams and Roman salutes were heard from the protesters present in the courtroom. Maurizio Landini, Secretary of the CGIL, underscores that this sentence confirms that the action was not an isolated incident but a real assault on the home of workers and the trade union that represents them.

Forza Nuova has described this sentence as politically motivated, linked to the party’s intention to run in the upcoming European elections, even though no polls indicate the party’s presence above 1%.

The convicted individuals were charged with aggravated damage, devastation and plunder, violence, and resistance against a public official. The prosecution had requested 10 years in prison during the closing argument.

According to the prosecution, Fiore played the role of leader during the assault, while Castellino turned to the police officers and said, ‘Take us to Landini or we’ll take him ourselves.’

After the conviction, some left-wing associations and parties have renewed their call for the dissolution of neo-fascist organizations.”

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