Angelina Mango, lo sfogo della cantante: «Ho paura a uscire di sera da sola, è possibile vivere così?» – Buzznews

– Angelina Mango, ex competitor of Amici, shares the fear that many girls have of going out alone, given the recent violence perpetrated among young people.
– The young woman expressed her anxiety on social media, talking about how she feels compelled to ask for company in order to avoid facing the journey alone.
– The phenomenon of anxiety in carrying out daily activities such as leaving the house or taking the car is a reality shared by many girls who have to face constant fear.
– Many women identify with Angelina’s words and claim to feel the same level of anxiety every time they have to go out alone.
– Angelina’s story highlights the paradox of having to live with the anguish of possible violence, making every place dangerous.
– Angelina Mango is the daughter of Pino Mango and Laura Valente, both well-known Italian singers.
– Since her participation in Amici, the singer has achieved numerous successes, including the gold album “Voglia di vivere” and the summer hit “Ci pensiamo domani”.
– Her song “Italodisco” by The Kolors has become one of the summer’s catchiest tunes.

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